In every course leading up to working with your first client, you consistently gain every moving piece that will fit together to make you a successful doula. When it is time to dive into your practice, you will need ESSENTIAL business savvy, skills and tools. Birth work is heart work, but it is still work.  In order to thrive as a  birth worker, you must start your practice effectively and correctly.

This business course is an invaluable component of becoming who YOU are as a doula or birth worker.

Business 101 for Birthworkers

About this course:

What makes us unique?

​This intensive online workshop gives you the essential business tools to build a sustainable, equitable, ethical and effective birth practice. Birth work is both heart work and a business. Learn how to be successful in your birth business without losing the heart and soul of the birth work practice.  You have direct access to your trainers for mentoring and support post-training. We build community and we are here for YOU.

Cornerstone Labor & Birth Doulas are internationally recognized as leaders in birth justice and advocacy.  Cornerstone Doulas provide continuous unbiased, client-centered support throughout the reproductive lifespan. This support focuses on the whole person, family and community and encompasses emotional, physical, psychosocial, and educational support techniques. Cornerstone doulas employ individualized supportive communication, culturally responsive care, hands-on therapeutic techniques and an equitable approach with all clients.

Course outline:

Brief overview of topics covered. Our courses go into so much more. 

  • Getting started with your business

  • Building your practice

  • Business fundamentals

  • How to be a successful buisiness person without losing the heart and soul of birth work

  • Branding

  • Marketing 

  • Networking

  • Your five year plan

  • Accounting

  • Gaining clients

Dates, locations and fees:

This training takes place every three months online. Participants can join live online and also receive a link to watch the course recording for two weeks after the course ends.

Next available course date:  Saturday, October 26, 2019 | 9:30am-5:30pm. Sign up here.

This course takes place live online in our Zoom classroom and is $249.00. 

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