The Cornerstone

Community Commitment Model

The Three Pillars of Community Commitment:

1. Without community, we are nothing.

2. Community engagement builds resilience and saves lives. 

3. Every person deserves access to resources, safe and respectful care and the love of their community. 

Birth work is so much more than one-on-one engagement with families. We  have the expectation that our students will build community with one another, as well as with their ​neighbors and communities outside of the Cornerstone world.  Further, we encourage our students to engage with and support communities being built and uplifted by other Doula, Birth & Reproductive Justice groups and organizations.

By committing to the Cornerstone community and contributing your yearly community commitment dues of $122, you will be helping support greater engagement with your colleagues, as well as the Bay Area birthing community.






  • 10% off ALL Cornerstone courses for the duration of your active community commitment dues.

  • Free tabling at all Cornerstone community events, including our yearly Community Baby Shower ($150 value)

  • Free admission to our yearly Cornerstone gala ($50 value)

  • Knowing that you are helping build the Oakland community through your support. This is direct community action.


Full transparency is incredibly important to us on both the individual and organizational level. Every cent of community commitment dues paid will go directly back into the Oakland community by way of funding yearly events and opportunities:

  • A once yearly community baby shower block party for our neighbors and families, which will provide the opportunity for our doulas and birthkeepers to contribute supportive services, including a diaper and baby supply drive. This event will greatly impact Oakland families through creating a network of support and access to needed supplies and services. 

  • A once yearly Cornerstone gala gathering with speakers, food, childcare, networking opportunities and other festivities.

  • Twice-yearly peer review gatherings led by Cornerstone trainers and mentors.

  • $10 from every community commitment dues payment will go into our doula training scholarship fund to help increase the amount of scholarships that we can provide to aspiring doulas in need.


Even more specifically, we will use funds from community members' yearly dues to provide food, childcare, event spaces, speakers, transportation funds for those who need them and party/organizing permits. By committing to the Cornerstone community, you will be directly funding engagement, learning, support and community building. Once our community has enough funding through commitments dues to fully fund our yearly gatherings, we plan to meet our future goal of using community commitment dues to also fund learning and clinical experiences for our full spectrum doulas and birthkeepers.  LET'S DO THIS!


Benefits of Community Commitment 

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