Are you ready to deepen your birth practice and support clients within the Reproductive Justice Framework? This course is a continuation of our Labor & Birth Doula Training and aims to prepare all birthworkers for supporting the full spectrum of reproductive experiences. In this course, we will ground our learning in abortion support and also expand upon the commonly used definition of Full-Spectrum to move beyond focusing solely on loss and abortion. Together, we will create strategies for radical community care and ground our collective understanding by exploring complex reproductive situations, creative advocacy, and advanced skills.This course is led by SFGH abortion counselor, Lucy Yanow and Nickie Tilsner and also includes a panel of local Full-Spectrum Birthworkers.

*There are specific prerequisites to joining this course, which are outlined below.*

Advanced Full-Spectrum Doula Training

About this course:

What makes us unique?

The Full Spectrum Doula Training is a continuation of our Labor & Birth Doula Training. To attend this course, you must meet certain prerequisite criteria.

Prerequisites to join this course - You must qualify for one of these categories to sign up for the Full Spectrum Doula Training.

For our Full-Spectrum Doula Certification, the prerequisites are:

  • You have previously attended an approved Birth Doula Training


  • You have previously attended the Cornerstone Labor & Birth Doula Training


Sign up for Community Commitment Dues.

For community member access to the training, without the option of Cornerstone Full-Spectrum Doula Certification, the prerequisites are: (​any one of these prerequisites will allow you community member access to access to the training.)

  • Active participant in a harm reduction organization

  • Current or previous sex worker hoping to provide community care

  • Experienced birthworker, not trained by Cornerstone and not seeking our certification

  • Clinical herbalist, acupuncturist, homeopath or naturopath

  • Midwife

  • Nursing student

  • Midwifery student

Course outline:

Brief overview of topics covered. Our courses go into so much more. 

​Topics covered:

  • What is a “Full-Spectrum Doula”

  • Values clarification

  • Harm reduction, supporting drug users and naloxone.

  • Trauma informed care

  • Reproductive justice

  • Prison Industrial Complex

  • Boundaries and self care

  • Family Planning and fertility

  • Abortion

  • Stillbirth and Miscarriage

  • Adoption and foster systems

  • Grief and loss

  • Herbs

  • Includes panel discussion with local Full-Spectrum Doulas and guest speakers from many reproductive support professions.

Dates, locations and fees:

This training takes place three times per year in Oakland, CA.

Next available training dates:

OAKLAND: March 7, 8, 21 & 22. Saturdays & Sundays from 10am-5pm.  Course fee is $525.00  + $25.00 for course materials and takes place in the Diamond District of Oakland, CA

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Next available course dates will be posted when these courses are full to capacity.


Certification is not required to practice. If you'd like to become certified through Cornerstone, these are our requirements:

To be certified as a Full-Spectrum Doula through Cornerstone, you must have already attended our Labor & Birth Doula or Birthkeeper Training prior to attending this course. 

Further certification requirements:


  • Sign up for Community Commitment Dues

  • Attend all four days of this Full Spectrum Training

  • Attend Postpartum Doula or Birthkeeper Training

  • Attend Business 101 for Birthworkers online

Complete our certification packet (can download in our store) that includes auditing a CBE course, required reading, essays, creating a resource list, a hospital tour and glossary assignment.​

For more info on certification and if it's for you, please read our Statement on Certification.

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