Co-Executive Director

Lead Doula Trainer


Nickie Tilsner is a Registered Nurse, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Harm Reduction Practitioner and Crisis Intervention Counselor with over 18 years experience in birth work.  As the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Cornerstone Doula Trainings, Nickie has trained thousands of birth workers in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA since 2006. Nickie has a strong commitment to social, birth & reproductive justice and focuses her trainings, as well as her own education and daily learning on social justice frameworks through an intersectional lens. She is so very honored to be sharing all of this absolutely essential information, support and skill to new birth workers, and views birth work as a revolutionary world changing action. Nickie brings to her trainings a broad spectrum of knowledge and a deep devotion to helping pregnant people, their partners,  babies and communities have the most dignified, respected and joyful beginnings in their new lives together. Nickie is the Co-author of RE:BIRTH Your Birth Informed. Respected. Empowered and the Co-founder of RE:BIRTH Childbirth Education.

Nickie is a trainer for the following courses: Labor & Birth Doula Training, Postpartum Doula Training, Mills College Public Health & Health Equity Full Spectrum Doula Training.




Co-Executive Director

Lead Doula Trainer


Juli Tilsner is a California licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife and the Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director of Cornerstone Doula Trainings.


Juli has been attending births ever since the age of 19 when she gave birth to her own daughter at a midwife-directed, experimental birth center within the local hospital in Minneapolis, MN in 1977. It was through her experience of continuity of care, combined with the hands-off nature of the midwifery model that left a long-term impression resulting in her own professional path to midwifery.


Juli’s birth career began with first supporting her friends and peers through their births all through the 1980’s, then became a certified childbirth educator and doula in 1999. During her time as a childbirth educator and practicing doula, Juli concurrently apprenticed at a freestanding birth center in San Francisco until 2003, at which time she passed the NARM board exam and became a Certified Professional Midwife. Juli joined an established Bay Area home birth midwifery practice and worked as a full-time homebirth midwife for 15 years. Cornerstone Doula Trainings was founded by Nickie and Juli in 2006 to meet a great need in their community for midwifery-model centered doula training and mentorship.

Juli currently holds active CPM and California LM midwifery licenses to date and currently provides consulting, montrice and doula support in Portland, OR. 


Juli’s passion, path and practice in the birth world has shown itself to be a continually evolving process of personal, professional and political growth. Coming from challenging beginnings, she considers those challenges to be the gifts that have made her the teacher and mentor she is and continues to be for so many.  Juli has a passion for birth justice and trauma prevention and resolution, and she continues her own work of healing intergenerational trauma for herself and her family in her daily life. She is proud to bring this passion and vision into her work as an activist, healer, educator, leader and mentor. 


In 2010 Juli enrolled in the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy - a modality that she discovered on her own path to self-healing. Because of the transformative and healing experiences she gained through homeopathy, this modality became a focus throughout her midwifery career. Juli is well known in the birth community for her advanced workshops including  “Homeopathy Essentials for Birth Professionals" which will be online and available for purchase soon! 


Currently, Juli lives in Portland, Oregon, where she offers Montrice services and Midwifery-style prenatal and postpartum care. She also offers consultations to birthing people and birth workers, alike. Juli enjoys hiking with her dog Salem, cooking, fermenting, music, beading, and spending time with her family.




Director of Organizational Development

Executive Director, Cornerstone Birthkeeper Trainings

Jazz-Ylaine Baptiste, a.k.a. Queen Jazz-Ylaine, is a: mother, teacher, healer, dancer, birthkeeper, trainer, mentor, childbirth educator, business coach, natural fertility specialist, and womb healing practitioner.  Her journey as a birthworker began at the age of 10 years old when she had the honor of being the junior birth coach for her Mom, then pregnant with her sister. This experience was the beginning of a life purpose to serve people and their babies along their birth and reproductive journeys. 


In 2018, while pregnant with her daughter, Queen Jazz-Ylaine created Dance Baby Down™, a movement method of birth preparation integrating: meditation, gentle movement, upbeat dancing through labor positions, affirmations and community building. She has trained a handful of Dance Baby Down™ Instructors and looks forward to training many more in the upcoming years. 


After three years as the Program Director for the Cornerstone Culturally Diverse Birthkeepers Training Program, Queen Jazz-Ylaine founded Cornerstone Birthkeeper Trainings and serves as the Executive Director. She is also the CEO of The Business of Birthwork, an online business training school for Birthworkers around the world, home of the highly praised signature course Business Essentials for Birthworkers. 


Queen Jazz-Ylaine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with minors in finance and international business from Georgia Institute of Technology. She has been an entrepreneur since 2004, and owner of several businesses over the years. Queen Jazz-Ylaine is multilingual, speaking: Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French, with life and work experiences in Spain, China, Mexico and Brazil.  


She believes that birth is sacred, and an incredible rite of passage. Queen Jazz-Ylaine is dedicated to honoring this sacred rite of passage through: direct support, community education and outreach, and the professional training of doulas, birthkeepers and Dance Baby Down™ instructors.

Queen Jazz-Ylaine is a trainer for the following courses: Comprehensive Birthkeepers Training, Mills College Public Health & Health Equity Full Spectrum Doula Training, Business Essentials for Birthworkers.




Full Spectrum Doula Training Developer & Lead Trainer

Lucy Yanow was born into a long line of activists, artists, teachers, yentas, horse thieves and general rabble rousers. She honors that lineage in the way she approaches her work.  She is grateful to her mother for birthing unmedicated at Kaiser SF, and for always framing birth as something empowering.  She practices as a full spectrum doula, a social work associate in the Women’s Options Clinic at San Francisco General Hospital, a student midwife in a homebirth apprenticeship and is studying midwifery through the National Midwifery Institute.  She has been working in reproductive health since 2005.  


She is a proud dog mama to Lemmy the destroyer pup. 

Lucy is a trainer for the following courses: Advanced Full Spectrum Doula Training, Mills College Public Health & Health Equity Full Spectrum Doula Training.




IVF, Sex Work, Harm Reduction and Naloxone Educator,

Advanced Full Spectrum Doula Training

Maggie Mayhem has been involved in harm reduction since 2003 in various capacities including coordinator of HIV testing services at UCSC, HIV Senior Specialist at Larkin Street Youth Services, syringe access, safer stimulant use, and overdose prevention. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Sex Worker Outreach Project-USA (SWOP)and on the Leadership & Training teams of the Bay Area Doula Project (BADP). Trained as a birth doula by Cornerstone in 2014, Maggie maintained a private full spectrum practice including support for people and families utilizing assisted reproductive technologies. Maggie has also received training in home funerals and death doula work by Final Passages and is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Consultant.  


Maggie has spoken around the world about sex worker rights, harm reduction, and death studies at universities and events such as the UN Internet Governance Forum, SxSW, DefCon, Skytalks, Center for Democracy and Technology, Yale, Princeton, University of Bath, University of Winchester, University of Southampton, University of York, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, and more. She is the recipient of a Feminist Porn Award for her independent website. 


Maggie is based in San Francisco, CA where she is the mother to one feisty child, 2 loyal shelter mutts, 1 elderly shelter cat, 3 rabbits, and 5 rooftop beehives. She has completed 10 full marathons, 25 half-marathons, and an assortment of other endurance distances. You can learn more about her at MaggieMayhem.Com. 

Maggie is a trainer for the following courses: Advanced Full Spectrum Doula Training

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Trans Fertility & Birth Support Program Developer & Trainer

Trystan Reese is a professional trans educator and gestational parent who brought his pregnancy story to millions of people across the globe in 2017. Now that his beautiful baby is born, he is dedicated to deepening the conversation about trans reproductive journeys with his doula training course, Seahorses and Unicorns. 

Trystan is a trainer for the following course: Seahorses & Unicorns - Supporting Trans and GNC Clients




OFP,  Movement and Pushing Support Instructor for Oakland Labor & Birth Doula Training

Gingi Allen- owner of The Art of Mothering, Birth Doula & Postpartum Healing Specialist, Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife. 


My love for midwifery care began about 16years ago after I took my first childbirth education course.  As a fresh undergraduate in Environmental Planning, Sociology & History, I was able to connect my knowledge of healthy environmental practices with the impact that birth health has on the whole of society.  It was after the birth of my first child in 2002 that I saw everything birth and was called to support the mama-baby unit and healing of empowering women & families.


Soon I became an educator, supporting hundreds of families in their choices around a healthy pregnancy, empowered birth, and nourished postpartum, as well as womb wellness.  Along the way, I studied many holistic healing and midwifery techniques and now have integrated them well into my doula & midwifery practice.  During my midwifery schooling and training, I chose to extend my program to get the fullest out of my training (at home birth and birth centers), while raising my two sons as a single mother.  My road in birth work and midwifery was raw, challenging, and beautiful much like the work of being a mother.  It is an honor to support new life into this world and I look forward to developing intimacy, trust, and a deep understanding with the families I support. 

Gingi is a trainer for the following course: Labor & Birth Doula Training




Supporting Survivors Who Birth Course Developer & Trainer

Eri Guajardo Johnson is a bi-racial, Midwest-born birth doula, community organizer, rape crisis peer counselor, birth consultant for trauma survivors, and host of The Birth Bruja Podcast. Drawing upon her breadth of experience supporting survivors of sexual assault, studying indigenous Mexican and Indian healing modalities, and obtaining her masters in Women, Gender, Spirituality & Social Justice from the California Institute of Integral Studies- she approaches birthwork as a mechanism for individual and collective liberation.


The Birth Bruja Podcast is a manifestation of Eri’s passion for birthwork as a spiritual, liberational & decolonial practice. Join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook @BirthBruja. Learn more at

Eri is a trainer for the following course: Supporting Survivors Who Birth



Lactation Educator for Oakland & Portland Postpartum Doula Training

For over 7 years Laura Cox has been providing lactation education and counseling to the Bay Area community.  She has the distinct honor of teaching lactation support to Cornerstone Doulas and she also provides training and support to doulas through the Oakland Better Birth Foundation where she is also a board member.  Laura is a lactation educator to the ABSN, BSN, ELMSN students at Samuel Merritt University, and has been invited to teach the medical students at Touro University in Vallejo.  She is  also a part of an advisory group through the IBCLE which is creating a new certification which ultimately will be providing an internationally recognized discipline of lactation support outside the IBCLC.  Through education Laura is trying to change the way we support people on their lactation journey. 

Laura is a trainer for the following course: Postpartum Doula Training




Know Your Rights Trainer for Labor & Birth Doula Training

Cristen leads the Know Your Rights training portion of our Labor & Birth Doula Training, 

After the birth of her son in 2011, Cristen left a career in public affairs to study American maternity care and women’s rights within it.  In 2012, she joined ImprovingBirth as vice president, spearheading a multi-year grassroots media strategy to get the maternity care crisis in national news, creating a legal advocacy hotline for pregnant women, and raising awareness around obstetric violence through consumer campaigns, including 2014’s #BreaktheSilence. Cristen has helped organize, strategize, and publicize major lawsuits related to obstetric violence.  She is co-creator of the Exposing the Silence Project and host of Birth Allowed Radio.  As founder of Birth Monopoly, Cristen advocates for a freer maternity care market, working closely with leading national advocates, organizations, and birth lawyers, as well as educating the public and healthcare providers about women’s human and legal rights in childbirth.  After six years of full-time work on the issue of obstetric violence, Cristen is now working on a documentary film on the subject: Mother May I?

Cristen lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with her son, Henry. Read “One Year Ago Today”: An Origin Story

Cristen is a trainer for the following course: Labor & Birth Doula Training




Infant Sleep Educator for Portland Postpartum Doula Training

With over 20 years of infant care experience, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say I am passionate about birth, parenting, and all things baby. Working with expanding families during the perinatal year continues to deepen my love for this calling. I am drawn to birth by a deep seated belief that gentle and thoughtful beginnings have the power to heal. I started my higher educational career at Reed College studying sociology with an emphasis on social justice and diversity. So it should come as no surprise that In my spare time I love nerding out to the latest research on pregnancy and keeping up to date on modern and traditional birth practices. I am a certified full spectrum doula supporting families through the whole perinatal continuum. Recently I took the plunge into becoming a certified sleep consultant. I approach sleep coaching from the most compassionate and gentle methods that are tailored to fitting families's individual parenting styles while supporting biological and physiological necessities. In February of 2018,  I welcomed my first child, Maverick, into my family. His presence has been a welcome reminder to slow down and rediscover wonder. I enjoy sewing, traveling and spending time in community.

Camilla is a trainer for the following course: Postpartum Doula Training in Portland, OR




Infant Sleep Educator for Oakland Postpartum Doula Training

Emily Flynn has been a birth and postpartum doula for over a decade, additionally working with hundreds of families a year as a birth attendant, educator and student midwife. With her legal research background and focus on broader policy issues around pregnancy and birth options, Emily has begun supporting doulas through writing better contracts through workshops and private consultations and is the author of a booklet on Contract Writing for Doulas. She currently lives in Felton, CA.

Emily is a trainer for the following course: Postpartum Doula Training in Oakland, CA

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