​Are you drawn to birth work and looking for both a solid foundational and advanced skills training? This is the course for you. 

Through this training, you will hone in on the core competencies, skills and attitudes of the Cornerstone Birth Doula and make them your own. You will find out who YOU are as a birth doula.  You will leave this course ready to enter the birth space.

**This course also provides an exclusive "Rights Informed Birth Advocate" certification in collaboration with Birth Monopoly**

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For the foreseeable future, due to COVID-19 and social distancing, this course is only available online.

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Labor & Birth Doula Training

About this course:

What makes us unique?

This intensive in-person workshop gives you, the aspiring birth worker everything you'll need to build a sustainable, equitable, ethical and effective birth practice. We don't stop there: you have direct access to your trainers for mentoring and support post-training. We build community and we are here for YOU. There are no certification fees, no hidden fees and your certification (if you choose to be certified) is for life.

Cornerstone Labor & Birth Doulas are internationally recognized as leaders in birth justice and advocacy.  Cornerstone Doulas provide continuous unbiased, client-centered support throughout the reproductive lifespan. This support focuses on the whole person, family and community and encompasses emotional, physical, psychosocial, and educational support techniques. Cornerstone doulas employ individualized supportive communication, culturally responsive care, hands-on therapeutic techniques and an equitable approach with all clients.

In the first weekend of this course, you will gain the knowledge, support and skills to build a solid foundation for your birth doula practice. To be successful and sustainable as a doula, you must start with a solid foundation to hold your practice as it grows and expands. Building upon the foundational material from the first weekend of class, we will delve deeper into justice and equity, as well as the emotional, psychosocial, intersectional and practical aspects of doula work during the second weekend. This course also provides an exclusive "Rights Informed Birth Advocate" certification in collaboration with Birth Monopoly.

Course outline:

Brief overview of topics covered. Our courses go into so much more. 

  • Roles of the doula and professional framework

  • Prenatal and postpartum visits - what to go over and how to conduct them

  • Boundaries

  • Burnout prevention & self care

  • Anatomy and physiology of labor and birth

  • Emotional support techniques for every phase of labor

  • Supportive and therapeutic communication techniques

  • Physical support techniques for every phase of labor, including: Breathing, vocalization, positions, counter pressure, communication, therapeutic touch and a special 4-hour advanced hands-on skills module taught by local experts -- topics ranging from massage, pushing, movement, Optimal Fetal Positioning and more.

  • Exclusive "Rights Informed Birth Advocate" training and certification led by Cristen Pascucci of Birth Monopoly ($100 value)

  • Trauma informed care

  • Labor and birth interventions

  • Implicit bias

  • Systemic racism and its direct effect on health, healthcare delivery and birth outcomes.

  • Advocacy & navigating systems

  • Birth justice and equity

  • Panel discussions with diverse local birth workers

  • Culturally responsive doula care

  • Community resources

Dates, locations and fees:

Our trainings take place every three months in Oakland, CA and Portland, OR. 

Next available training dates:

ONLINE: https://cornerstonedoulatrainings.teachable.com/


Certification is not required to practice. If you'd like to become certified through Cornerstone, these are our requirements:

Labor & Birth Doula certification requirements:


Complete our certification packet (can download in our store) that includes auditing a CBE course, required reading, essays, creating a resource list, a hospital tour and glossary assignment.​

For more info on certification and if it's for you, please read our Statement on Certification.

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