Supporting survivors who birth

Doulas are needed now, more than ever.

With all of the unknowns that we are grappling with today, one thing stays true

When you have a Doula, you are not alone.


You are needed.

You are an advocate and a change agent.

You are a part of a movement to reclaim human rights starting at the beginning: birth.

Birthwork is social justice work. Birthwork is environmental justice work. Birthwork is racial justice work. Birthwork is political.


Online Doula Training

  • Go at your own pace.

  • Bi-weekly LIVE online Q&A sessions with your trainers

  • Support and community built into the program

  • Comprehensive and inclusive curriculum rooted in birth justice and advocacy frameworks

  • More affordable than in-person training, plus much more added content.

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Frequently asked questions

How is online Doula training different from in-person training?

Though you won't be in the classroom with other aspiring Doulas, you'll be getting the exact same education - plus added modules - as our in-person trainings. You'll be engaging with the course content through all learning modes and styles: visual, audio, and hands-on AND you'll be able to meet live (virtually) with other students who are taking these courses, as well as your trainers for weekly drop-in Q&A sessions. The only real difference is that you're taking the course from whatever location you choose and go at whatever pace you need.

When are the live Q&A sessions, and what can I expect from them?

Our live drop-in zoom sessions are scheduled as follows:
Saturdays from 10am-12pm PST, every other week starting on April 11, 2020 Tuesdays from 5-7pm PST, every other week starting on April 14, 2020. We will have a calendar posted on this webpage to keep everyone up to date on the meeting times. These live sessions are "drop-in", which means you can join for all of the meeting or any part of it. You're not required to join, but are encouraged to. Connecting with your trainers and other students is an invaluable way to get support and create community through this process, and beyond. You can ask us any questions that you have about the course content, as well as other topics that may be coming up for you. You'll be able to find Doula partners, backups, friends and colleagues through this process, as well.

What happens when I complete my online training?

Immediately after you complete a course, you will receive a certificate of completion and can begin your Doula practice immediately. If you plan to become a certified Doula, you'll download the certification packet in our store, complete the requirements and then receive your certification. We are here for you through the process, and can help answer any and all questions that come up while you're completing the requirements. During social distancing times, we will be waiving any certification requirements that cannot be completed online or remotely. Ex: the hospital tour.

Is online training as good as in-person?

Believe me, we had our reservations about online Doula training, as well. Through the development of these courses, we were surprised to learn that the online format is just as good, if not better than in-person trainings. When we host our in-person trainings, the classes are intensive 8 hour days. And through taking these courses in smaller modules at your own pace, there is so much more opportunity to digest the information on your own terms. We build community into the courses, so that you will have the opportunity to connect with others who are going through the trainings, as well as live meetings with your trainers. Further, we were able to add even more content to the online trainings than we have in our in-person courses. You are getting an incredibly comprehensive and inclusive education that leaves nothing out.

How can I get extra learning support if I need it?

Your trainers are here for you. You'll have weekly drop-in hours for live zoom group meetings with your trainers, and we can also make one on one zoom appointments with you if you're need more guidance.

How long will it take me to get through the course?

This really depends on you. This course allows you to learn at your own pace. In each learning module, you will have a video lecture to watch and these range anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 hours. You can start and stop the videos, take breaks and re-watch as many times as you need to. After you complete the video lecture, you'll have other learning activities to complete, which will include handouts to read, online research to complete, extra short supplemental videos, short writing exercises and quizzes. You can expect to take as much time as an in-person course to complete the online trainings, but you can also go at your own pace, so you can take much longer if you need to. There is great benefit in taking these courses at your own pace. Since there is so much information, you can take your time digesting each module, and start the next when you feel ready.

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